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* Al Anon Meeting at same time Gr Grapevine Meeting
** Alateen Meeting at same time Hc Handicapped Accessible Facility
1 1st Step Meeting I Hearing Impaired Interpreted
1-1/2hr 1-1/2hr LIT various Literature
11M 11th Step Meditation Lst=Ask last mtg of month: Ask-It-Basket
1st=1 1st mtg of month: 1st Step Meeting Lst=BB last mtg of month: Big Book Meeting
1st=Ask 1st mtg of month: Ask-It-Basket Lst=Co last mtg of month: Concepts Meeting
1st=BB 1st mtg of month: Big Book Meeting Lst=d last mtg of month: Discussion Meeting
1st=I 1st mtg of month: ASL Interpreted Lst=I last mtg of month: ASL Interpreted
1st=S 1st mtg of month: 12 Steps Meeting Lst=Lit last mtg of month: Literature
1st=Sp 1st mtg of month: Speaker meeting Lst=O last mtg of month: Open Meeting
1st=T 1st mtg of month: Traditions Meeting Lst=Sp last mtg of month: Speaker Meeting
1st=TCo 1st mtg of month: Traditions/Concepts Lst=TCo last mtg of month: Traditions/Concepts
2nd=Sp 2nd mtg of month: Speaker meeting M Men’s Meeting
ABSI As Bill Sees It O Open Meeting
Ask Ask-It-Basket Meeting S 12 Steps Meeting
BB Big Book Meeting Sp Speaker Meeting
Beg Beginners Sp/d Speaker w/discussion to follow
C Closed Meeting Spn Spanish Speaking Mtg
Cc Child Care available ST Steps & Traditions Meeting
CF Child Friendly T 12 Traditions Meeting
Co 12 Concepts Meeting W Woman’s Meeting
d Discussion Meeting YP Young Peoples
g Gay Meeting